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Ryan Gosliga is now in the driver's seat.  He is getting some seat time in AZ

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Homicidal Racing, Inc. was established in 2008 when owner/driver Gary Gosliga and R&D Marine partnered in building a high performance Competition Jet (Comp Jet) race boat.  There are several class in circle boat racing as defined by the American Power Boat Association (APBA).  If you are not familiar with this type of boat racing, it can be best describes as NASCAR or Sprint Car racing on water.  A Comp Jet race involves four to twelve high performance boats racing side-by-side for five (5) one mile laps.  Gary's son, Ryan Gosliga, is now driving the boat.

Homicidal Racing, Inc. races their "Homicidal" CJ187 boat in three APBA Regions within the USA.  Region 12 holds race events at Lake Ming in Bakersfield, Bonelli Park (Puddingstone) in San Dimas, Colorado River Blue Water Resort, Lake Havasu, San Diego Marina, Long Beach Marina Stadium and Burley Idaho.  Homicidal Racing will  occasionally compete in Regions 10 & 11; which hold  race events in Oregon and Washington State.  


Comp Jet Division boats are naturally aspirated big block engines limited to 515 cubic inches.  There are no speed limits in the Comp Jet class.  However, the competitive boats in this class will run between 90-100 mph and hit the 180 degree turns between 60 - 65 mph.

Homicidal Racing, Inc. chose R&D Marine in Anaheim California to completely refurbish  and reconstruct a 1976 Rogers 18' jet boat from the ground up for competition at APBA  racing events.  Harold Bruce, owner of R&D Marine, has been building, leading  race boats for over 30 years.  Mr. Bruce, a racing legend, competed and won a multitude of drag and circle races over the years in the NJBA and APBA racing circuits.

Harold stated in a recent interview:   

  " We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to build one of our award winning Rogers Circle Boats for Homicidal Racing, Inc.'s owner/driver Gary Gosliga.  We have continued to develop some of the most competitive boats in the racing circuit.  We've incorporated all of our experience into this project."

The Homicidal Racing boat is equipped with a legendary Harold Bruce Motorsports 489 c.i. BBC with dual 1150 Holly Dominator carburetors and a super mag. The Hull is outfitted with R&D Marine's specially designed cavitation plates allowing the driver to eliminate deadly "bow lift" or even a "blow over" at  speeds around 100 mph in harsh water conditions. Moreover, the plates provide the driver critical control elements which set the boat's attitude before, and during, extreme turning to enhancing control and safety.  A keel fin located below the driver keeps the boat connected in the turns and straights during the half mile stretches of the race course . CJ187 is also equipped with a Harold Bruce Signature Blueprinted Berkley Pump. The hull has been completely reworked by R&D Marine while gel coated / paint was applied by Jr. Enterprises; owned and operated by Harold Bruce Jr.

Gosliga tricked out the boat with a very creative and eye-catching theme.  He was able to secure #187 from the American Power Boat Association and ran with it.  Code 187 is used by police when identifying a homicide/murder.  He named the boat "HOMICIDAL" because you have to be to run one of these insane machines.  He depicted a crime scene on the deck to include a body outline and evidence cards sitting next to bullet casings. 


   From left:  Harold Bruce, Gary Gosliga, Harold Bruce Jr.

 Please take a look at the photographs for the step-by-step history of this project.  


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                   American Power Boat Association

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